Creativity through Craft

I’ve always been fascinated by building things from the ground up. Even before the world went digital.

Whether that be a Lego Batmobile with my sons or going on to start my own companies (argue amongst yourselves which of those is more challenging).

Either way, the manual process is where I began.

Whether it was by chance or fate, I fell into an apprenticeship working in pre-press trade, which is where I developed a deep understanding of colour management.

From a young age I’d always loved to move around and dig my teeth into the next project, so I jumped from role to role before transitioning into high-end creative retouching and post-production.

Along the way I picked up a real passion for photography and the aesthetic finish of an image. I was becoming excited by being the creator of the visual stories I’d been a part of for so long.

But I never wanted to be just part of the process – I wanted to create the process. And so I did.

Combining all my experiences into one, I’m now the co-owner of creative production company: The Operators Creative, alongside Ben Le Tourneau.

We’re the craft people, not just the business owners. We love the human factor to what we do… where two days are never the same.

What’s the fun in sitting still anyway? Unless you’re building a Lego Batmobile of course…


Working with Scott and his team was one of my most favorite experiences of my career. Scott and The Operators are true craftsman. They take every project and completely submerge themselves in it. They are Jack's and Jill's of all trades, with their wide range of talents from photography to post-production and everything in between. Scott is extremely collaborative and simply a delight as an individual as well.

Cortney Rae Spencer-Pilak - Business Director

The thing about craft is that you really do need someone with a great eye. Scott has a great eye and and all the skills needed to deliver - from photography, retouching, and post production. He's been a pleasure to work with!

Zulieka Burnett - Executive Director, Creative & Innovation

It is always a pleasure working with Scott, every project is in great hands. His craft, creativity,problem-solving and post-production help push each project to the very best we can deliver. He is a smashing lad too 🙂

Ian Scrowther - Senior Art Director

Scott and the crew at The Operators are patient, creative and dedicated. Personable and understanding, we have chucked unreasonable projects at them that unfortunately have become even more unreasonable from our end, as the jobs progressed, despite this scott and the operators were consumate professionals, and produced an end result that I never believed we'd be able to. I'd recommend him to everyone and do, vocally.

Jon Creighton-Griffiths - Creative Director

I have had the pleasure of working with Scott for a couple of years now. As well as being a thoroughly nice chap he has a fantastic grasp of technology, pipeline, infrastructure and he truly is a joy to work with! Scott has forged many business partnerships within industry; one of those being with Escape Technology. We work very closely with Scott and his teams to ensure that companies like The Operators are as "agile" as possible whilst maintaining their creative freedom and their stunning output of visual content.

Neil Kalsi - Strategic Business Director

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